If you see animals, you’re a rock star!

My Latest creation is a triple abstract painting made of acrylic, some trimmings, marker and nail polish. This is what I call mix technique!

I really like this work because even though it meant to be an abstract painting, those with developed imagination started seeing animals. I’m super curious on what people can see here, everybody creates different paintings depending on what their minds and eyes combine. It’s like playing with the clouds!

Can you see them? if so, please comment below what you’ve found.

Note: No animals or monsters have been intentionally painted on this canvas.

Flying with style – Pio Collage

Once upon a time, when studying at university I had to do an assignment for Product Design where the idea was to redesign a bird and do a mock-up of it. A very interesting and entertaining homework because it allowed me to play a lot with all the characteristics of the birds, an animal that I really like.

Among all the characteristics I have redesigned, one was their feet. I changed their feet so they can wear cool sneakers. Almost 7 years later my wish came true and I am painting those birds wearing Vans and Converse. I hope you like them!

Mix Technique – collage, acrylic and marker

Super Reflex! by Ray Bartkus

The Lithuanian-born artist and illustrator Ray Bartkus has created an amazing, almost unreal, mural in the Lithuanian city of Marijampolė designed to use the surface of the water as its true canvas. The artist intentionally painted it upside-down so that the images he depicted would be reflected right-side-up onto the river Šešupė, which flows through the city’s center.


Impressed by this Mural, I decided to study more about Ray and discovered an awe-inspiring artist.

Among his works I found prints, illustrations, videos, installations, drawings and paintings. The last ones are just amazing. Creating immersive environments, Bartkus’s monumental, figurative paintings embrace and engulf viewers, projecting them into compelling, mysterious domains.

If you find this artist as amazing as I found him, don’t hesitate to visit his webpage: raybartkus.com

Gyory and Osiris – The magic behind the The Old Goat Art Gallery in Hungary

While visiting the enchanting Hungary, we decided to escape from the city and take a day off in a small riverside town in the Pest county. Szentendre is known for its museums, galleries, and artists. Just before the end of a perfect day, we came across with an art shop that drew our attention due to the bright colors behind the window. The Old Goat Art Gallery.

We had the pleasure to meet the owners, the artists Eszter Gyory and Osiris O’Connor, the coolest and most captivating couple I’ve ever met.

Osiris was born in New York City. But his blood is from all over the world, Japan, Jamaica, Miami, Ireland and who knows what other nationality composes his hierarchy. You can see in the way he expresses himself, either talking or artistically, that he enjoys of diversity and different cultures. Osiris is very deep and spiritual; his work is a reflection of his most deeper thoughts. We mainly saw in the gallery his sculptures, magnificent pieces made of mud and different materials such as buttons, beads, pearls, pins, wire and even skulls, real monkey skulls!!!

“I view art as an expression of one’s Inner world.  I chose sculpture as a medium because I like to take a brute object and mold it to it’s finest form of expression” – Osiris

Gyory however, is more focused in painting. She loves exploring different materials but on canvas, such as fibers, acrylics, pigments and textures. I don’t know how to define her style; maybe, “nomad” is a good word because she can’t marry to only one, she changes from one style to another all the time, adapting herself to new materials and technologies. Within the hour we’ve been chatting, we had a journey across her artistic career and her paintings have been mutating throughout the years from flowers, dogs, abstracts, angels, children, self-portraits, and more and more, but all of them, original, super colorful and full of life. She was born in Hungary but lived many years in Miami.

Meeting them was definitely the best of the day. We learned from them, from their stories, from their way of seeing life. We really enjoy of their success and joyful careers. I hope we can be like them someday and inspire to others what they have inspired to us.

Travelling with the lens to Hungary

Hungary, what can I say? It is simply the country with more historical events that I have ever visited so far. A country that lived many invasions, 2 World Wars and 45 long years of communism. In Budapest, the constructions and reconstructions, the pubs, the monuments, the trasnport, everything reflects a little bit of its story. It s a chaming city that has it all, exquisite thermal baths, delicious food, cool nightlife and gorgeous buildings. It’s worthy to visit either to chill out or to have superb fun!

I hope these selection of pictures reflects how much we enjoyed our stay there.

Photos by Luli Marin and Gonzalozawa

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Exploring the Digital Art World

ArtRage is a computer painting program. It’s designed to bring out your creative side with a set of natural painting and drawing tools that simulate familiar, real world tools. This means you can get straight in to painting without needing to re-learn how to do it.

A couple of weeks ago I received for my birthday the Wacon (a gift from the best team ever, cplers@fb :) ), and I started playing with this amazing new tool on Art Rage. I still have loads of things to learn!! But I definitely thing that this is a revolutionary tool. I’ve seen things done by people with this program and it’s hard to believe that it is not a real painting but a digital one. It looks sooo Natural!!!

This is the result of my first try with Digital Art! Cool and colorful Abstracts

You can find more about this tool on: http://www.artrage.com/

Abstract Expressionism – Cool Contemporary paintings by Linda O’Neill (@AbbyCreekArt)

Surfing the web, I came across with some abstract paintings that really caught out my attention, mainly because of the bright colors, the perfect and balanced composition and the different materials used.

Investigating a little bit, I discovered AbbyCreekStudios. Linda is a Californian artist who for the past 17 years devoted herself to abstract expressionism. Her creative voice expresses herself in different ways; bending and shaping using acrylic paint, collage, ink and whatever else she can get her hands on. She really knows how to let her mind to fly!

She works on canvas, paper and wood. The last ones are my favourites!

This is my top 10:

Travelling with the lens to Belgium

Becasue Brussels and Bruges are probably the most well known cities in Belgium, we decided to stay in Ghent. It’s a student city and always vibrant and alive. Simply beautiful, cool and full of design, architecture and history. Every single shop, even the butchers, were full of design!!!

Curiosity: The Lonely Planet has called the city “Europe’s best kept secret” and a must see destination for 2011 and the National Geographic Traveler Magazine has listed this city as the most authentic historic city in the world and full of life.

Guided by the locals, we found the little graffiti street! While graffiti is of course prohibited in Ghent, the city makes a couple of exceptions, and the Werregarenstraat is one of them. Street art used to be a major problem in Ghent so the government commissioned off one small avenue specifically to be used for artists. The graffiti alley, between Hoogpoort and Onderstraat, it’s a shady but colourful place where street artists can let themselves go. The appearance of the Werregarenstraat changes constantly, and this is how we found it last weekend

Bruges is beautiful as well but much more expensive and touristy.

Photos by Luli Marin and Gonzalozawa

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Travelling with the lens to Greece

Greece is a marvelous country. It has great diversity and a range of places and landscapes that cannot be found together anywhere else. Is the place where wonderful experiences never end. There is always more to explore, to discover, to see, to taste and to photograph.

This country has a culture starting from ancient times. Despite the fact that the British Imperium took most of the main Greek Buildings, you can still enjoy the area where they originally were constructed and understand their spectacular architecture, specially the Acropolis.

Greece is the land of the islands. Islands of different shapes and sizes; different personalities; different possibilities. It has some of the most beautiful beaches of the world with incredible sunsets.

This is our selection of photos from Athens, Santorini and Mykonos.

Photos by Luli Marin and Gonzalozawa

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